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Migratory Shorebirds

Migratory shorebirds conservation in Sumatra.


  • Seasonal monitoring of migratory shorebirds which currently has recorded more than 60 species, 5 of which are NT to EN status.
  • Identification of anthropogenic threat for migratory shorebirds existence.
  • Make a map of the distribution of important habitats for migratory shorebirds that pass along the east coast of Aceh and northern Sumatra.


  • Build collaboration among local communities and National Governance for establishing protected areas (at least 3 spots) for migratory shorebirds, in an effort to succeed in the protection status of important areas in the national-international scheme.
  • Encourage local governments and local community to protect the shorebirds from illegal killing & hunting through local regulation scheme. Currently we strive for the issuance of village regulations in 5 Aceh & North Sumatra villages that regulate efforts to protect migratory shorebirds and their habitats.


  • Actively disseminate the idea of ​​biodiversity conservation; including migratory shorebirds in schoolchildren; at least we have shared the message of conservation to 700-1000 children.
  • Produce campaign materials such as banners, billboards in migratory shorebird habitats.
  • Promoting the ecotourism potential along the migratory shorebirds habitat, through community social analysis activities in 5 tourist beaches as areas to be developed as ecotourism/education tourism.
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